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As part of the mission of Toby's Foundation to increase public awareness of canine epilepsy in the Australian Shepherd breed, the foundation sponsors advertisements. Previous advertisements have appeared in the United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA) Journal and the Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc. (ASCA) magazine, Aussie Times.


Toby's Foundation has also been featured in the USASA Journal.

The Face of Epilepsy: How One Pet Owner is Staring It Down
by Stevens Parr
USASA Journal, September/October 2004

Tufts University Genetics Conference Focuses on Canine Epilepsy
by Pamela C. Douglas, JD
USASA Journal, January/February 2008

Toby's Foundation: a legacy of love
by Pamela C. Douglas, JD
ASCA AussEnews, September 2019