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How to Join the Fight Against Canine Epilepsy within your Breed

By Pamela Douglas, J.D.
President, Toby's Foundation, Inc.

There are many ways that you can join the fight against Canine Epilepsy. How involved you become is up to you. Admittedly, I am putting in far more time and energy than I ever imagined, but I am passionate about stopping this horrible disease. Until there is a screening test, the sharing of information and increasing awareness so that breeders can make better breeding decisions is the only way we have to manage this problem. There is still great concern about the number of carriers that are being used for breeding unknowingly. Until a screening test is developed, breeders can only assess the risk based on the most reliable information available to them. We need everyone to honestly and openly share information and donate DNA; this is critical to help save your breed.