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Toby & Stetson Give Blood Again

Toby and Stetson are giving blood again, this time for Dr. Ned Patterson at the University of Minnesota. Please look for our current ad in the March/April Australian Shepherd Journal and Aussie Times. You may also see our ad on our website.

Dr. Patterson would like more samples from "affected dogs, and their unaffected relatives (2 generations any direction), and also some older (6 years or older) unaffected and unrelated dogs". If you have already sent samples to Missouri, Dr. Patterson does have access to these samples. If you want to send a second sample to Dr. Patterson in Minnesota you can do so. See our blood sample submission page for instructions.

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Blood Sample Submission Instructions for Europe

If you are in Europe, you can still submit a blood sample to Dr. Ned Patterson at the University of Minnesota. We have now posted instructions on our website. Also, please submit a sample to Dr. Hans Lohi at the University of Helsinki and Folkhalsan Insitute of Genetics. See our blood sample submission page for instructions.

Blood Sample Instructions

Recommended Reading

ImageThe Long and Winding Road
by C.A. Sharp
March/April 2008, vol 18 issue 2, The Australian Shepherd Journal
This article is about epilepsy in the Australian Shepherd breed and the progress being made.

When Species Meet
by Donna J. Haraway
ISBN-10: 0816650462
ISBN-13: 978-0816650460
Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press (November 26, 2007)

Ms. Haraway is professor in the History of Consciousness program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Chapter 4 of her book, entitled "Examined Lives: Practices of Love and Knowledge in Purebred Dogland," includes information about the epilepsy effort in the Australian Shepherd community. Pamela Douglas and Toby's Foundation are highlighted as are ASHGI and C.A. Sharp, AussieGENES, and Epigenes.

Read The Long and Winding Road

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