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  • You can help increase awareness about canine epilepsy and Toby's Foundation!  Visit us here and download our ad for Giving Tuesday and share with your vet, pet store, friends, and more!
    Download a PDF file instead.
    Download a different version of the ad in a PDF file.

  • You can help increase awareness about canine epilepsy and Toby's Foundation!  Download our brochure for your vet, pet store, and friends.

  • The Road to Hell : Epilepsy and the Australian Shepherd by C.A. Sharp
    First published in Australian Shepherd Journal, vol 13 issue 4, July/August, 2003
  • How to Join the Fight Against Canine Epilepsy within your Breed by Pamela Douglas
    Download the brochure.
  • After the Shock and Tears : Life After your Dog's First Seizure by Pamela Douglas
  • Diagnosis of Canine Epilepsy : Plain and Simple by Pamela Douglas
    First published in the Australian Shepherd Journal, May/June, 2006. Download the brochure.
  • The Long and Winding Road by C.A. Sharp
    First published in The Australian Shepherd Journal, vol 18 issue 2, March/April, 2008
  • Never Forgotten by Margaret Wilkinson
    Published in The GSD National Magazine Official Journal of the German Shepherd Dog Breed Council of Great Britain, Volume 25 No. 8, August 2011
  • When Species Meet by Donna J. Haraway
    ISBN-10: 0816650462
    ISBN-13: 978-0816650460
    Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press (November 26, 2007)

    Ms. Haraway is professor in the History of Consciousness program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Chapter 4 of her book, entitled "Examined Lives: Practices of Love and Knowledge in Purebred Dogland," includes information about the epilepsy effort in the Australian Shepherd community. Pamela Douglas and Toby's Foundation are highlighted as are ASHGI and C.A. Sharp, AussieGENES, and Epigenes.
  • Download an AussieGENES poster featuring Toby's Foundation and Ten Steps to a Healthier Australian Shepherd Breed.
  • Toby's Foundation Brochure

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  • Link to other epilepsy and Australian Shepherd sites.

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