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Your Help is URGENTLY Needed!

If you haven't sent a sample yet...
  • If you have an epileptic Aussie, please submit a sample.
  • If you have a new family group, please submit a sample.  Family groupings continue to be the critical factor in analysis. A family group must have: one or more affected (Idiopathic Epilepsy confirmed diagnoses) and unaffected family members including: parents, grandparents, siblings, half siblings, and offspring.
  • If you have a relative of an Aussie with epilepsy, even if the affected dogs are not part of the study or you don't know whether they are part of the study, please submit a sample.

If you've already submitted a sample...

  • If you submitted for an epileptic Aussie, please consider submitting a sample to one of the other researchers.  Please see our sample submission page for researchers currently requesting samples.
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